“All the beings of this planet then began to work in order to have in their consciousness this Divine function of genuine conscience, and for this purpose, as everywhere in the Universe, they transubstantiated in themselves what are called the ‘being-obligolnian-strivings’ which consist of the following five, namely:

“The first striving: to have in their ordinary being existence everything satisfying and really necessary for their planetary body.

“The second striving: to have a constant and unflagging instinctive need for self-perfection in the sense of being.

“The third: the conscious striving to know ever more and more concerning the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.

“The fourth: the striving from the beginning of their existence to pay for their arising and their individuality as quickly as possible, in order afterwards to be free to lighten as much as possible the Sorrow of our COMMON FATHER.

“And the fifth: the striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, both those similar to oneself and those of other forms, up to the degree of the sacred ‘Martfotai,’ that is, up to the degree of self individuality.

​Orage’s  original  notes  about the Five Obgligolnian Strivings

What We Are Obliged To Do: Thoughts on the Strivings by  Jan Jarvis    Jan came into contact with the Work in 1977. Since then, she has studied with George and Mary Cornelius, Pierre and Vivian Elliott and Elizabeth Bennett, all direct pupils of G. I. Gurdjieff. After leading groups for several years, she now works with experienced individuals in a non-hierarchical group experiment. Jan is employed as a part-time substitute teacher and sells antiques, carpets and American canaries on the side.