Group Practice


Once membership is granted, it is recommended that new members read both To Fathom The Gist Vol 1, and Gurdjieff’s Hydrogens Vol 1 by Robin Bloor as both books contain fundamental knowledge that will help in understanding the Work in depth.

Group members who decide that they no longer wish to participate can let the group leader know by email. If they do so, they will no longer receive the regular invitations to meetings.

In our view, there should be no embarrassment in deciding not to be part of this or any other Gurdjieff  group. Members quickly become aware that work on oneself is difficult and demands genuine effort if there is to be any reward. And it consumes time. In general, we expect new members of the group to fall in or fall out.


In addition to members recommending new members, online meetings are held to discuss membership with those who are keen to be involved. Click here if you wish to attend a Meet-up meeting, or simply click here to apply.


The Austin Gurdjieff Society is not directly affiliated with any other Gurdjieff Group, although it has strong ties with the Bradford Gurdjieff Society in the UK and also with a group local to New Braunfels/San Antonio, Texas.


The monthly financial contribution/donation suggested for group members is $40 per month. As is usual with Gurdjieff groups, those who are unable to afford that level of contribution can pay less. They will be supported by those who pay more.