Recommended Reading List

** indicates “very important”

G I Gurdjieff

All & Everything: Beelzebub’s Tales (**)

The Searchable Index to Beelzebub’s Tales

Meetings With Remarkable Men

Life Is Real Only Then When ‘I Am’

Views from the Real World: Early Talks of Gurdjieff

Paris Meetings 1943


P D Ouspenksy

In Search of the Miraculous (**)

The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution

The Fourth Way

Meetings 1930-1947

Conscience, The Search for Truth


Jeanne de Salzmann

The Reality of Being


C Daly King

The Oragean Version


C S Nott

The Teachings of Gurdjieff


Maurice Nicoll

Psychological Commentaries Vol-I

Psychological Commentaries Vol-II

Psychological Commentaries Vol-III

Psychological Commentaries Vol-IV

Psychological Commentaries Vol-V

Psychological Commentaries Vol-VI



Living Time


Rodney Collin

The Theory of Celestial Influence (**)

The Theory of Eternal Life (**)


Jane Heap

The Notes of Jane Heap


R Bloor

To Fathom The Gist: Vol 1 (**)

Gurdjieff’s Hydrogens (**)