Gurdjieff’s Music

Aside from the music for The Movements, Gurdjieff jointly composed a series original piano pieces with Thomas De Hartmann. Some were songs or tunes that he had encountered at earlier times in his life, some were original compositions. There are now many recordings of that music available on  iTunes,  Amazon, and specialist outlets such as By The Way Books and  Gurdjieff Books and Music. We illustrate a number of such CDs below. The first is a genuine recording of De Hartmann playing some of the music.

Gurdjieff’s method of composition was to give De Hartmann the tune and let De Hartmann translate it for the piano. Then, if needed,  they’d work together to perfect it.

Gurdjieff also played the guitar and harmonium. There are recordings of his harmonium music, Click here to visit an archive of recordings. They were recorded in 1949.