About Robin Bloor

Robin Bloor is currently the group leader of The Austin Gurdjieff Society. He was born in Liverpool, England in the 1950s, studied Mathematics at Nottingham University and eventually became a computer consultant. Aside from his consultancy work, he established a reputation as an International Speaker on technology topics, and he established a reputation as a writer by virtue of many magazine articles and technical publications he wrote.
In 1988, he came in contact with Rina Hands, a pupil of Gurdjieff, and she became his teacher until her death in 1994.
In recent years he has turned his attention to writing about The Gurdjieff Work. He is widely regarded as an expert on Gurdjieff’s writings. His series of books under the common title of “To Fathom The Gist” deal directly with the inner meaning of these writings, which he thinks of as a form of scripture.
They are gradually being rolled out year by year. Robin is also an attendee and participant in the All & Everything international conference which takes place every year and focuses on Gurdjieff’s writings.
Robin emigrated to the US in 2002, settling in Texas.